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Thread: My very own cakewreck

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    Quote Originally Posted by purplekitty View Post
    I don't even know what all those dots and that weird squiggle thing is on the left hand side.
    It looks almost like they started to write the 2 in 2011, but realized it was backwards and started over.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mamapalooza View Post
    PLEASE tell me you're submitting this to cakewrecks.

    Quote Originally Posted by purplekitty View Post
    The whole fucking thing was done in black. :gah
    Didn't I see that same cake in the party scene at the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland?

    Glad you all were able to have a good laugh over it, and also get your money back!

    eta Just finished the thread and realized you never paid for it. Winning!!

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