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Thread: A pay raise or great perks and benefits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Old Goat View Post
    Are you saying they give you vacation that you can't take because you have no back up? Because that's not cool (and probably not legal). I don't really have backup (I have a woman who can do my job but I only ask her to do urgent stuff).
    Right. I'm in a specialized department so no one else knows our jobs well enough to do them, we cover for each other. My problem is that I do things that my two department-mates don't (or won't) so consequently I can't bugger off for too long at a stretch, and even then we can only really take off in the winter months.

    I get 3 weeks paid vacation (4 next year) and whatever I don't use can be paid out in the new year or banked. I get mine paid out. That said, I do use it for things like school meetings and events, which is nice, so I can chip away it in hourly increments if I want.
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    I don't care that much about wellness programs, but my specific benefits are much more important than my salary. My pay is decent, especially given what librarians are normally paid in the UK, but the benefits are fantastic. I work at an amazing school and my kids get to go there for a fraction of normal tuition costs - the school pays 100% tuition for the first kid and 75% for the 2nd, which is a huge benefit. I would probably work there just in exchange for free tuition. My kids and I do eat breakfast and lunch there for free every school day and I consider that to be a worthwhile benefit - it adds up since there are 3 of us. I also get ~15 weeks off per year due to school breaks.

    For my husband's job, a raise would be better than any increased benefits.

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