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Thread: You be the judge! Pregnant Woman Denied Service at Restaurant

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    Tacky, but doubtful that it's a health code violation. Stupid that things like this go viral nowadays.

    I first saw the picture on FB on Buzzfeed or something like that. The comments ranged from "wear what you want" to "OMG, have respect for yourself and those around you!" While I do cringe when I see people wear pajamas or worse in public, I do sometimes wish we could go back to the days when men removed hats when entering buildings. Of course, the flip side to that would probably mean women being required to wear pantyhose again, and there's no way that's happening!

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    I really don't get the whole bare maternity belly trend. Seeing your actual belly skin doesn't make your pregnancy any more real for us, we already get that there's a baby in there. Still can't see the baby though, sorry -- just your outie and whatever else is going on, dermatologically speaking.

    The whole thing is so weird to me.
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    Personally, I don't think the shirt is the problem. It's the skirt. The waistband is hanging off her pubic bone. And it looks like a nice, elastic waistband with a drawstring. So pull the skirt up to the middle of the bump at least long enough to eat your meal! I agree with those that said she was seeking attention. Apparently, she got the attention she was seeking and then some.

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