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Thread: Super Saturday

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    We kept trying to teach our son how to ride a bike but he never showed much interest.

    Now he wants to learn so we buy him a bike at our local REI. Got him one that would last a couple of years because he's sort of in the middle size range between two sizes of bikes.

    I tried the "no peddle" balance method, I show him he tries to follow but doesn't listen to me when I said you have to keep moving forward and just flops over and gets upset at me.
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    Our next door neighbor's son is having a slumber party tonight, and the boys are playing truth or dare. The son was dared to run over here, ring our bell, and ask for a roll of toilet paper. The mom texted me and apologized, explaining what they were doing. No big deal, harmless fun. Then he came over here again, rang the bell, and the returned the toilet paper. Ok, now stop ringing my bell and let me enjoy my day alone!

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    I didn't sleep well either. Dd came to the hotel this am and we hing at the pool and then went to the Boho Farmer's Market downtown. Home now. Thunderstorm just rolling in...

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    We saw baby arctic foxes today! Really, it couldn't be better.

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