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Thread: Why some experts think the House might have a problem with its health care bill

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    Why some experts think the House might have a problem with its health care bill

    Why some experts think the House might have a problem with its health care bill
    May 18, 2017
    Dylan Scott

    No one (and by no one I mean everyone), could have predicted this at all, but apparently, not having a CBO score can be a problem. ~ nam

    There is speculation in Washington that House leadership might have to work some magic on its health care bill — again.

    New reports indicate the bill as passed mightrun afoul of the complex Senate rules Republicans are using to pass the legislation without any Democratic votes. And if that were to happen, it would probably be because House Republicans rushed their bill through, adding provisions at the very last minute, and passed it without an official analysis of what it would do and cost. They faced heavy criticism for that at the time, and these new developments suggest it might be a major problem for the bill.

    Bloomberg reported on Thursday evening that the House had not actually sent their legislation to the Senate yet, even though it passed a couple weeks ago — and that was because they were waiting for the official analysis from the Congressional Budget Office.

    Depending on what the CBO says, the House might have to change the American Health Care Act and pass it again or even start over, according to Bloomberg.

    Experts have wondered if the House bill would work under the Senate’s rules, which are supposed to restrict a bill considered under “budget reconciliation” to make sure it affects only federal spending and revenue. If those strict conditions are met, then the Senate can advance a bill with just 50 votes. Republicans are using that process because otherwise Democrats could block the legislation.

    Full story at link above.
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    I think eventually "something" will pass, but not this.

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