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Thread: Warehouse/Bulk Shopping

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    I forgot about the gas! Usually less expensive at BJ's than gas station. I can't imagine having to go to the grocery store every week for toilet paper or even every two-three weeks for the items I can buy every few months at BJ's. I wish we had a Costco near us. We do downstate, but just Sam's and BJ's here.

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    We have a membership to Sams. The closest one is about 45 minutes away. We go once a month or so.
    I don't buy the same stuff every time, but the things I get most often are:
    the big round containers of cheese puff balls. (one for home, and one for school snack)
    those pretzel bits filled with peanut butter
    Jug of Pace Picante sauce
    Beef jerky
    Pizza Rolls
    *all the aforementioned items are for my almost 14 year old son, lol.

    I also buy the 25 lb. bags of flour and sugar ( I do a LOT of baking). I divide the bags into ziplock bags (another item I buy at Sams), and freeze the flour until needed. I get the big bags of chocolate chips, brown sugar and powdered sugar as well.

    I also like to buy printer paper, yardstick, page protectors, binders, etc for school.

    Oh, and the Sam's that is about an hour and 15 minutes away has a photo lab, and I print a lot of my larger pictures there, especially when I am going to be at a scrapbook retreat in that area. It is about half the price of getting them at Walgreens.

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    We have a BJs membership. I pretty much only buy gas there, it's consistently cheaper than most other places, but more importantly, it's super convenient for me.

    We don't have storage space in our house for large quantities of paper goods and other non-comestible items.

    I get a discounted membership through my job, so it doesn't take long to get an ROI, especially since Doug drives 100+ miles every day.

    I wish there was a Costco nearby, but there isn't, so BJs it is.

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    I don't live close enough to any of those to make it worth my while to shop at them. :/

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    I admit that I now do a lot of my bulk shopping at Amazon - tp and catfood and dishwasher soap. There is just nothing like having it dropped onto the front porch.
    nesha ;-)

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    The only membership store here is a Costco and I'm a heavy user. My rewards pays for my membership. My older van notices the difference in gas if I fill elsewhere so I stick with Costco.

    We we also have a Real Canadian Superstore here which has a lot of the no name and house band equivalent, so I shop there quite a bit, too.

    I find the quality of Costco's meat and produce is generally superior to other stores and so even though the price might be the same or a smidge higher, it's worth it.

    I haven't comparison shopped since moving here as there is little choice, so I mainly just stick with those two for most things.

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