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Thread: Super Saturday Stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sprockey View Post
    Fyi- the chocolate buffet is amazing, but rich and filling.
    I only had one plate. I find it overwhelming.
    It's $60 per person. So for 5 of us, plus tip it was $360

    Not something to do very often.
    You only live once! Go for the chocolate!

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    It looks amazing and rich. Too bad it's not a price per plate.

    We had an amazing day too. Met up with my sister and friends for margaritas and lunch, then a tour of a very cool whiskey bourbon distillery in Fort Worth followed be margaritas and guacamole on a patio.

    Tomorrow dh and kids are taking me out for brunch. Then I will be spending the remainder of the day in the pool and reading my book. As it should be

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    I hope you all have a wonderful mother's day tomorrow!

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