You turn on my street; to the right you have:

Estrella and her asshole husband
Stan (retired, original owner)
Christine (lawyer, straight up bitch)
Ike and Joan (computer guy and odd wife)
Ray and Monica (bank VP and teacher, both retired)
Mark and Gina (warehouse and teacher. closest friends on the block)
John and Hilda (disabled and hospital administration)
Harry (retired)

To the right you have:
Elderly couple (don't know their names)
Kerry (lives off her mom that lives farther down the street)
Eric (cop)
Oscar and family (no clue what he does, renters)
Randy and Kelly (drunk butcher and special ed teacher)
Carl's wife (no one knows her name. When Carl was alive, he would tell everyone how he "bought her". He was an ass)
Jason and Eve (pastor and nursing student)