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Thread: First time you told your SO you loved them

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    He *almost* said it VERY early in our relationship. I knew I was in love when I woke up one morning on a terrible snowy day, got up and bundled to shovel, and went downstairs and saw he was already there, shoveling my driveway (when I tell this story, I like to remind people that "shoveling my driveway" is not a metaphor for anything sexual). So I said shortly after that, so I'd guess it was about 4-5 months after we started dating.

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    4 months in? We were drinking. Lol eta I said it first... He said it at 6 months.

    Moving right along....

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    My husband said it first. We had only been dating for about 6 weeks, and I had told him I wasn't really ready for a serious relationship after having just been dumped. Not too much after that, I said it back. He had driven to my hometown, 4 hours away from where we both lived at the time, to attend my sister's wedding. He had worked all night the night before, driven up for the wedding, and then had to turn around and drive back. Now, I see how dangerous that was, but then it was a pretty romantic gesture in my eyes, lol. Anyway, when he said it before he got ready to go home, I said it back. and I meant it. 3 months after that, we were engaged, 2 months after that we were married, and it has been 25 years now. So much for not wanting a serious relationship, haha. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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