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Thread: Remodeling/Updating Your House

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    I live in a 1976 tiny split entry ranch. I still have harvest gold countertops to give you an idea of where I'm at.

    I''ve painted and replaced rugs, put on a roof, replaced windows, built a big deck, and filled in a PITA pool.

    Theres a million cosmetic updates needed, but I just don't know as I care. I'd rather travel and do stuff!

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    We put on a big addition when we got married in 2005
    Redid the kitchen in 2011
    Just put on solar panels in 2016.
    Those were the big ticket items.

    We re did our bedroom due to an unfortunate toilet issue in the bathroom over us. New paint, light fixtures, carpet and bedding
    I turned DD's bedroom into a home office and we are now turning DH's office into a guest room

    We desperately need new furniture in the great room and family room but I refuse to put any $$ into that until a few people move the fuck out.

    Our house is old. The foundation is over 200 years old and the main house was built in 1945 I think. Every time we do a reno our budget explodes because they find knob and tube wiring, ancient pipes and chicken wire and newspaper for insulation.

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    Doug repainted everything when he bought this house, and he built some bookshelves and a mantle for the fireplace. But we have been planning and saving for a larger renovation, it's just taking longer than we'd hoped to save the money. Our plans include:

    Taking the wall down between the kitchen and dining room
    Taking out all the existing cabinets
    moving the stove about 10 inches to the right of where it is now
    adding usable counter space and cabinets between the stove and sink
    replacing the counters
    installing a dishwasher
    removing these ridiculous 6" soffets in the kitchen that reduce upper cabinet space significantly
    adding more cabinets and counters, including an island with storage
    moving my office (currently in a corner of the dining room) to another space (not sure where yet)
    replacing all kitchen cabinets
    pulling up all carpets (I hate wall to wall carpeting)
    redoing the floors under the carpets
    putting in a dormer on the back on the house to expand the upstairs space
    adding a bath (toilet/shower) upstairs

    We are in the house for another 15-20 years, and it will be paid off in the next 5. We will probably want to move after that, not sure where, but we really need a 2nd bathroom to make it possible to sell it.

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