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Thread: What is a prank? S/O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peanut View Post
    To me, a prank is a practical joke. It is not cruel, it is not harmful, and it doesn't damage anyone's physical or mental well-being or property.
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    Teasing an adult in a playful manner is way different than teasing a kid. What an adult may find harmless a kid may not.

    I was teased as a kid. IT SUCKED. It impacted me.

    I'll never do it. I'll never tolerate it.
    I understand that, that makes sense. I think there is an art to it and personality makes a huge difference. It sounds like it was quite unkind what was done to you. I think belittling and shaming children is wrong. And it's definitely different with a kid than with an adult.

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    This is not a good prank.

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