Trump to sign executive order to 'vigorously promote religious liberty'

The order will direct the IRS to exercise "maximum enforcement discretion" over the Johnson Amendment, which prevents churches and other tax-exempt religious organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates. It will also provide "regulatory relief" for organizations that object on religious grounds to a provision in Obamacare that mandates employers provide certain health services, including coverage for contraception.

Some religious leaders, however, object to any measure that would make it easier to inject politics into places of worship.

"For decades, the Johnson Amendment has prevented houses of worship from being turned into partisan political tools. A majority of clergy -- and Americans -- support the status quo and oppose political endorsements from the pulpit," Interfaith Alliance president Rabbi Jack Moline said. "President Trump's executive order reportedly aims to gut the Johnson Amendment and clear the way for the Religious Right to weaponize their churches for partisan battle."

"If the effort succeeds," Moline said, "these churches would become conduits for unregulated 'dark money' in elections, with no restrictions or disclosure requirements."
This paves the way for the Religious Right to eventually establish their Christian version of Sharia Law that would discriminate against many people based on ancient Old Testament laws that have absolutely nothing to do with life in the United States in the 21st century. Instead of "religious freedom", it will be "religious tyranny" of the fanatical Christian Religious Right.

My God, we are going back to the 1950's. They said that's what they wanted to do and, come hell or high water, that's what they are going to do.