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Thread: The X-Files Renewed for 10-Episode Season 11 at Fox

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    The X-Files Renewed for 10-Episode Season 11 at Fox

    Sounds like Chris Carter will be executive producer, hope he doesn't get to write any episodes because the ones he did were kinda, well really shitty. The ones that were not shitty were kinda ok. Hopefully they get writers that haven't been living in a cave for the past decade and noticed television shows have gotten a ton better since the 90's.

    Sharpen those pencils and launch ’em at the ceiling in victory, because it’s official: The X-Files will return for Season 11, Fox announced Thursday.Even better, the episode order for the revival’s continuation is 10, four more than the six-episode Season 10.

    Series creator Chris Carter will executive-produce the season, and stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have signed on to return as Mulder and Scully, as well.
    The “event series” — Fox’s words — will air during the 2017-2018 season. Production is slated to begin this summer.
    At the Television Critics Association press tour in August, Fox Television Group CEO and chairman Dana Walden told reporters that the network would’ve liked to have more than six episodes in the sci-fi series’ initial revival. “It was really the limitations of David and Gillian and Chris’ schedules… It was just trying to coordinate a time where they all carve out a period to be in Vancouver,” where the drama shoots.
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