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Thread: Church Can Start Its Own Police Force, Alabama Senate Says

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    Seems to me a police force is better than having a bunch of yahoos running around with guns.

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    The overlapping jursidiction issues do give me pause. Around here we have the state police, the county sheriff department, and the village police. Some how they manage to co-exist and figure out who has jurisdiction where, but I don't know how. I also don't know how they decide which court something should be tried in. Does that go by who made the arrest, or by location of the incident, or what?

    Another concern for me would be the court issue. Will the church police be allowed to make arrests which would be tried in court? Will they be allowed to levy fines, jail sentences, etc.? What laws will apply to this? Will they be bound by other state and local laws, or will the church police be able to arrest people for violations of church-specific laws and then try those people in the church court?

    My home town only had 1000 people and we had our own police officer. If this church was a small town it would probably have its own police force. The issues of overlapping jurisdiction, authority to make arrests/issue violations, and who would be the overseeing court should be examined very carefully and spelled out very clearly, and if the church police are going to be actual police instead of just security guards they should go through the same training actual police do.
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    Police officers hired by Briarwood Presbyterian would need to be certified by a state standards and training commission, according to the bill, SB193. The officers' authority would be restricted to the church's campuses and properties.

    The officers would be given "all of the duties and invested with all of the powers of law enforcement officers in this state," the bill says.
    Doesn't seem like the officers will have much power. The issue I could see is how independent they will be, if the people providing you a paycheck are the ones possibly committing a crime....
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    I'm wondering if they couldn't just have a resource officer, much like many schools have a resource officer (who, in most cases, is allowed to carry on campus, even in most "gun-free" campuses).

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