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So exciting, congratulations!

If more people understood this so many dog issues would never occur, I had neighbors that were constantly aggravated with their Dalmatian because he was a ball of energy and never listened to anyone. This dog was cooped up in an apartment all day then walked around the block when they got home from work, no kidding it was jumping out of it's skin all the time. There are exceptions of course but in general you can anticipate a lot of the dog's needs by researching the breed.
And this is why I might end up with a breeder dog. I want to make sure we have a dog that is a good fit for our lifestyle. I know a bouvier is content to sleep 20 hours a day, as long as it gets a long walk every night. They are herders, but they are also lazy. I've never met one that wouldn't be a great apartment dog. Walking in to the pound and getting a random mix means I don't really know about the energy level.

As a side note, I always think it's weird that people think they live in a small home, so clearly they need a small dog. A Great Dane is going to do better than a Jack Russell in your 700sqft home with no yard. The energy level is way more important than the footprint of the dog. One sleeps on the sofa, and the other needs to run, or he's going to eat that sofa.