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Thread: How to handle this scenario

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    Her text may have had more to do with wanting to expose her brothers to that normalcy than anything else. The reality is that bringing dad along shoots all that normalcy right out the window.

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    Sometimes people with problem families grow up and try to parent, or live as an adult, the way they thought things should have been. They grow up and do the opposite, because they know what NOT to do and how NOT to treat people.

    I know one major error my parents did was being way too busy with their own social life, when I was growing up, to keep an eye on things at home. I made sure I was checked in, and involved, when raising my own kids.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alice Chalmers View Post
    Good for you. It's okay to set and enforce reasonable boundaries.

    It is always okay to have boundaries. Some people will say you should do whatever you can to accommodate, but I consider that being a doormat in a situation like this. If the guy was a nice guy and treated all of you well, sure, try to figure it out. That's not the case here though. It is okay to put yourself and your family first in a situation like this, especially considering the timing.

    Also, who the hell invites 5 extra people over to someone else's house the day before the gathering? That's crazy. She likely needs some therapy to deal with all the "fleas" she has from growing up in that crazy house.

    Of course, there's nothing you can do about that. Maybe she will come to that conclusion on her own.

    Yes, you will be dealing with her and her family for years to come. That is exactly the reason you need to set firm, healthy boundaries right now. Start as you intend to go.

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    He's disrespected you and he's disrespected your home. There's a difference between being "the good person" and being a sucker. Christmas dinner? He's lucky you don't have him assassinated.
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