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Thread: Is it wrong to kiss your child on the lips?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eli View Post
    (daddy says I'm the best at it ).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erin View Post

    I kiss my kids on the lips, because they don't know any better to feel weird about it. I've started feeling uncomfortable kissing my oldest (2nd grade) on the lips at school while he's waiting in line to go in. He doesn't feel weird, but I do. I recognize that he's getting older and things like that often change. So I've started kissing him on the cheek or head. It makes me sad, because to me it's a sign that my baby is growing up. I still kiss my other two (kindergarten and a 3 yr old) on the lips because I feel like it's still culturally acceptable.
    My youngest stopped into my office during final's week and we ended up going down to the food court and having lunch together. Afterwards, he walked me back to my office before going home. When we got to the area my office is in, he said, "bye momma," leaned down and kissed me on my lips. I'm not uncomfortable doing that because that's just the way we express love, but I did briefly wonder if anyone who saw was judging (not that I care about that).

    Erin, you don't have to stop kissing him on the lips if it doesn't bother him. There's nothing wrong with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by purplekitty View Post
    but I did briefly wonder if anyone who saw was judging (not that I care about that).
    It's not trending on FB, yet. But, these things can take a couple days to go viral.

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