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  • It's stuffing.

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  • It's dressing.

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  • It's something else.

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Thread: Important food question (poll)

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    I hate the giblets too but I do boil the neck in chicken stock with seasoning to add the liquid to the stuffing and gravy but I pitch the neck.

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    It's stuffing.

    For Thanksgiving, I buy the bagged Pepperidge Farms breadcrumb stuffing, because I'm way too lazy to do my own bread cubes. When I put the turkey in the oven, I boil the neck and gizzards, a pound of chopped sausage, celery, onion and a carrot (all chopped except for the gizzards/neck) in water for... I don't know. A half hour? Maybe an hour? Strain out the neck and guts and throw that away. Strain out the veggies and sausage and throw that in a foil pan, leaving the liquid on the stove. Pour the breadcrumb stuffing into the foil pan and mix it all up. Then I use a ladle to add the liquid until it's the right consistency (wetter than I would like it to be when I eat it). About 45 minutes before the turkey is done, I'll put that in the oven so it gets a little dry and crispy on top.

    Yummm, I love Thanksgiving food!

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