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Thread: Robo-baby contraception attempt leads to increase in teen pregnancy rates

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    Quote Originally Posted by maurinsky View Post
    It is ridiculous how many programs are implemented in schools without being tested scientifically first.
    Oh Lord, amen to that!
    "Life is about dreams. Teaching is about making them come true."

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    While the robo baby may be good for showing how time consuming parenting is, I don't think it does anything for teen pregnancy prevention. I'd venture the vast majority of sexually active teens don't want to have a baby. Unfortunately they are fertile and if they are not diligent with their BC method (and even when they are) accidents happen (this happens to adults me )
    So by treating them as adults and using long term BC we can eliminate the error factor for almost all. They have the chance to grow up, go to college and be an adult before they becomes parents.

    What a novel idea!

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