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Thread: Aaron Hernandez Trial

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    Quote Originally Posted by beccaphel View Post
    Hernandez's "friend" who was allegedly shot in the face by Hernandez testified today, but was not allowed to mention getting shot in the face by AH! Sometimes I hate the "no prior bad acts" rule.
    lol, I know! The closer the prior bad act is to the alleged crime, the less likely you can use it. Sounds counterintuitive, but the prejudicial effect really outweighs the probative value because the instinct that "he did it before, he did it again" is so strong. Pisses juries off though, when they find out later after a not guilty verdict, for sure.

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    Dh was shocked they convicted.. he didn't think they had made their case.

    Moving right along....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasmine View Post
    According to CNN, the decision carries with it a life sentence with no parole, so why waste the time and considerable tax money? Stick a fork in him; he's done.
    They are still planning on going through with the other trial, I believe. In part, for the victims' families in the upcoming trial, and in part, because his attorneys will likely appeal at some point. While I don't think there were that many issues, there are often appeals granted for things that I never would have noticed.

    I'm glad he was found guilty. I think once the defense conceded that he was at the murder scene, it was hard to say he wasn't involved and guilty.

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