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  1. Opening arguments tomorrow morning in Casey Anthony trial
  2. Jodi Arias on the stand RIGHT NOW!
  3. Jodi Arias Verdict announced at 4:30!!!
  4. George Zimmerman trial
  5. Andrea Sneiderman trial
  6. Jury Chosen in Murder Trial for Texas Military Base Massacre
  7. Aaron Hernandez hearing is being live streamed now
  8. Ariel Castro hearing will be live on HLN at 10am EST
  9. Joshua Young Trial
  10. Mom charged for getting dd abortion
  11. Shellie Zimmerman pleads guilty to perjury
  12. Teens sentenced in school bus beating
  13. Ariel Castro is dead
  14. Richard Chrisman Trial
  15. Does Joe Paterno's family have a case?
  16. Shiping Bao, medical examiner in Trayvon Martin case, fired
  17. New Trial for Marissa Alexander
  18. Is AEG responsible for Michael Jackson's death?
  19. Did the judge overstep?
  20. A strong case for judge-mandated sterilization
  21. David Pietz Trial
  22. Martin MacNeill trial - Livestream starts Thursday!
  23. Belvin Perry's forged signature leads to release of convicted murderer
  24. New trial for Michael Skakel - thoughts? comments?
  25. Jodi Arias requests new attorney
  26. Conrad Murray completes jail time for killing Michael Jackson
  27. George Zimmerman arrested again
  28. Appeal Court orders new trial for Guy Turcotte
  29. Jodi Arias Penalty Phase to start March 17th
  30. Should places that illegally sell guns used in crimes be liable?
  31. Should Michael Dunn be retried for the death of Jordan Davis?
  32. Oscar Pistorius murder trial
  33. Julie Schenecker Trial
  34. Joe Paterno's family wants to overturn Penn State NCAA sanctions
  35. Aaron Hernandez trial hearing
  36. British Trials, the judge's summing up at the end....
  37. Justin Ross Harris - Dad Who Left Kid in Car
  38. Judge Belvin Perry resigns
  39. Cheshire Invasion Documentary
  40. Luka Magnotta jury screening could delay murder trial
  41. Michael Dunn to be retried for the death of Jordan Davis
  42. Trial of Movie Theater Shooter will be broadcast
  43. McStay Family Murders
  44. Ferguson Grand Jury Decision-who, what, when, where, why and how?
  45. Boston Bomber trial jury selection begins tomorrow
  46. Detective Flores son died
  47. Drew Peterson tried to put a hit on DA that helped convict him
  48. Aaron Hernandez Trial
  49. Arias declines to address jury, closing statement on penalty phase begin today!
  50. Jonbenet...... well, isn't this a surprise
  51. Triggerman in Pam Smart Case Granted Parole
  52. Boston Bombing Verdict About To Be Read
  53. Michael Peterson and The Staircase
  54. 20/20 TONIGHT
  55. Alcatraz specials on History (Not a trial, but true crime mystery)
  56. Pastor's pregnant wife killed during home invasion
  57. Pistorius Guilty of Murder
  58. Ghomeshi Trial
  59. It just gets weirder and weirder
  60. Woman whose son died while she pushed him in swing for 40 hours
  61. Aurora theater attorneys want victims to pay $700 thousand
  62. Hot Car Baby Death Trial
  63. Man who shot at Zimmerman sentenced to 20 years
  64. In the Dark...excellent podcast
  65. Federal judge orders the release of Brendan Dassey
  66. Mistrial of Michael Slager
  67. Alexa, tell us who killed this man.
  68. Jose Baez does it again!
  69. Is OJ Innocent - Series on OWN
  70. Cosby Trial
  71. OJ Simpson parole hearing