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  1. Do you fight?
  2. You and the inlaws
  3. You and your parents
  4. So you fight....what about?
  5. Husband's helping with housework and children
  6. Would you marry your husband (or wife) again?
  7. Spinoff: What do you consider "fighting?"
  8. Open Marriages
  9. Marriages
  10. I really think MIL has gone off the deep end
  11. When is enough enough?
  12. How many years have you been married?
  13. When did you really "know him" ?
  14. Something you don't hear about every day
  15. Okay - to say I'm a bit peeved.....
  16. Those of you with DHs/SOs working irregular shifts or hours
  17. Do you expect to still feel "in love?"
  18. One romantic gesture you wish your partner would do....
  19. Bullying or Honesty?
  20. Old Friends.. A threat??
  21. non-classic romantic gestures you love. ..
  22. How about romantic gestures you hate?
  23. Cheat on your spouse in Michigan and spend life in prison?
  24. Is it fair to ask one's husband to give up his fertility?
  25. Divorcing without Moving...
  26. So what do you do to "get back" at them?
  27. How would you feel...
  28. Ok spin off... How would you feel...
  29. Maybe they'll offer these at the Purity Balls
  30. Men arrested for murdering "ghost" brides
  31. Oprah's show on spiritual relationships
  32. Friends of the opposite sex
  33. I really suck at dating!
  34. What are you doing for V day?
  35. Don't date him girl dot com
  36. Child Support/Alimony/Step families Spinoff
  37. Spinoff: Your friend and the affair
  38. Polygamy
  39. Do you still dream of old loves?
  40. Marriage Spin-off Thread
  41. Valentine's Day
  42. How Many Old Loves
  43. Do you and your SO
  44. A Gay Configuration
  45. Maine lesbian "adoptee" case tests legal bounds
  46. Rings without the ceremony
  47. How often do you REALLY look at your spouse/partner?
  48. Always marry someone who loves you more...
  49. Would this be a red flag to you?
  50. Jealousy in a relationship
  51. Revenge can be healthy right?
  52. In a difficult spot
  53. Spin off: Share Money/checking/CCs etc...
  54. Why do men????
  55. Your partner's "imperfections"
  56. Marrying someone your child doesn't like
  57. Separate bedrooms?
  58. Your oddest turnoff?
  59. When you are sick
  60. Who's at the head?
  61. Has your partner ever been with a prostitute?
  62. Being mean to your man???
  63. Friend with abusive husband...
  64. Friend with abusive husband...spinoff
  65. hubby's past comes back to haunt you
  66. Ex spin-off
  67. Incestuous relationships
  68. The only reason most men do not cheat
  69. N.D. anti-cohabitation law repealed
  70. Do you think there is a
  71. Worst thing he/she does...Makes you nuts?
  72. Can you tell anything about a relationship
  73. S/O What do you do that makes your spouse go nuts?
  74. I can't get past it...
  75. Spin Off - Farting and Burping
  76. Do you feel it is important
  77. German man chainsaws house in two in divorce split
  78. Past relationships/partners
  79. Where is the cheating line?
  80. cell phone manners...
  81. Yelling
  82. N.Y. standoff ends with father, son dead
  83. Conditioned to Discriminate
  84. Day to Day Gestures
  85. Acceptable reason to divorce....
  86. What do you tell...
  87. Day to Day gestures, take 2
  88. Best Laid Plans
  89. Hobbies
  90. I'm going to kill him!
  91. Crabby Men
  92. Is it ever OK to sleep with your boss?
  93. When they don't get along
  94. Can you train a husband to grow up?
  95. Living without Blame
  96. Do you think...
  97. Are your parents
  98. What do you think of spouses who call each other mom/dad etc.
  99. Pet names?
  100. What will you do with them, eventually?
  101. Can an Abusive Marriage be Redeemed?
  102. Would you date a person who was bisexual?
  103. Is it fair for someone to "out" someone else?
  104. What's your conflict style?
  106. Women changing last names
  107. Would it bother you?
  108. One more night
  109. It's been 5 dates and thereís been no kiss. Whatís your next move?
  110. Whatever happened to your high school sweetheart
  111. Ladies, if you had to pick one
  112. How would you react to finding out your mate has a foot fetish?
  113. Primarily, what kind of a bedmate are you?
  114. Would you ever date a widower?
  115. Which physical feature first catches your eye on the opposite sex?
  116. Guys, if you have to pick one
  117. Would you want your spouse/SO to marry again?
  118. Who do you love more?
  119. Why do men start projects and not finish them?
  120. Does age matter?
  121. So tell me
  122. S/O age thread
  123. Can men and women just be friends?
  124. Another new friend issue
  125. Awwww
  126. Do you tell the truth or bite your tongue?
  127. Dear WBTD - Tired and Weary
  128. Who do you feel does more of the compromising in your relationship?
  129. A Threesome is:
  130. Do you and your partner know each other's e-mail passwords?
  131. If you could improve one thing about your relationship, it would be:
  132. Do you think there are things you can do
  133. Anyone here divorced with friend issues?
  134. Dropping the ball
  135. Proposing
  136. Father-Son chat....
  137. Can couples in Junior High really be in love?
  138. Would you read your partnerís diary if you could get away with it?
  139. If you were single
  140. Dear WBTD - Worried Wife
  141. Spinoff on the diary thread
  142. Abusive relationships
  143. S/O Have you *ever* been in an abusive relationship?
  144. How long did you date/ live together
  145. For those that shacked PM...
  146. WWYD? What can I do?
  147. I think my MIL either invented or wants this...
  148. Talk to me about the in laws
  149. I'm going to go jump my husband...
  150. Do you make appointments for your spouse/SO?
  151. Truly and honestly...
  152. Oh, that's right! The child's information is kept in my uterus!
  153. Job Opportunity - WWYD?
  154. Are you lovey dovey?
  155. Bi-Racial Couples
  156. Well that sucks
  157. Can you and your partner talk about money?
  158. Let's talk about our DH's (not a debate)
  159. American Marriage
  160. How long have you been married?
  161. Question 2 Who would you believe? Friend or Partner?
  162. Question 5: Sexual Poison
  163. Question 6: Bad News
  164. I had to cut my sister out of my life.
  165. If you feel an attraction to another person
  166. Question 10: Better to Have Loved and Lost?
  167. Question 11: Business Trip Indiscretions
  168. Would you ever consider plastic surgery because your spouse asked you to?
  169. Interesting situation
  170. Hanging up on people...
  171. Mmmmn... what to do...
  172. What do you consider cheating?
  173. If your spouses friend
  174. If you have sex every day
  175. What do you think of "kissing cousins"
  176. Your spouse comes down with Amnesia
  177. Denial... not just a river, yadda yadda, help me out here...
  178. Who's job is it to deal with In-law issues?
  179. Casual sex: women vs. men
  180. Would you date a friend's ex?
  181. Do you have double standards in your marriage?
  182. Would you tell a friend...
  183. How often do you have second thoughts about your significant other?
  184. Someone youíre dating reveals they have herpes. How do you proceed?
  185. Life Insurance
  186. What is THE STUPIDEST fight/argument you've ever had with your significant other?
  187. When you are telling a story, do you have someone
  188. Question 33: Changing Circumstances
  189. Does your SO look at porno mags?
  190. You are walking down the street with your partner
  191. Do you have a crier?
  192. Do you think you can really love someone
  193. Sex = love?
  194. S/O Tattoos
  195. To you, is marriage SACRED?
  196. Hypothetical: Why you should wash your hands before leaving the restroom
  197. Do you honor your SO's wishes?
  198. How far does something have to go before it's "cheating?"
  199. 10 year anniversary ideas
  200. Hypothetical - Your sister or your dh
  201. Your SO cheats, you reconcile but find out
  202. What is the key to a good marriage...
  203. That's what friends are for!
  204. WWYD?
  205. How physically attracted are you to your spouse?
  206. Hairy chest or not?
  207. Being single
  208. S/O of the hairy chest thread....
  209. The proper care and feeding of husbands
  210. Not sure where to put this one...sex after baby? Probably TMI
  211. If your child has a step dad/mum how active
  212. S/O of the step parent thread
  213. Are you a wife, mother, person, or your occupation first?
  214. How many times have you had your heart broken?
  215. Have you ever slept with a co-worker?
  216. When it comes to sex, are you a talker or the silent type?
  217. What is the Best song to make sweet love to?
  218. How often do you and your partner talk about sex?
  219. What's the most stressful life-changing event?
  220. Poll- cheating
  221. Good dating sites?
  222. In-Laws and Your Relationship
  223. Is it possible to have romance
  224. Do you still "pash" your partner?
  225. cheap dates.....
  226. Sexy Carpenter better be building himself a doghouse...
  227. Sick of your friend's relationship.
  228. Class
  229. Hopelessness in your relationship/marriage
  230. Your spouse's friends and you
  231. MySpat.com
  232. What do you and your spouse argue/fight over most?
  233. Having a TV in the Bedroom
  234. How much does your spouse travel?
  235. WWYD?
  236. Do you wear a wedding band?
  237. Another Wedding Ring question!
  238. Replacing wedding/engagement rings
  239. Why do people have affairs?
  240. Would you consider this cheating?
  241. 20th anniversary
  242. Wanna keep a man? Order steak
  243. Scott Baio is 45 and Single
  244. Are you madly in love?
  245. SFAS: co-ed carpooling
  246. Policy of Radical Honesty
  247. Open marriages
  248. Today Is Our Anniversary!
  249. Could you marry someone who
  250. Are you "connected" to your partner?