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  1. 'secular fundamentalism'
  2. Discerning Whom
  3. hello all
  4. Praying for Parking Is Evil
  5. Opinion: Why cousin marriage matters in Iraq
  6. Women Pastors: Not the 'Path to Blessing'
  7. Missing the obvious
  8. But, but, we invited you to church!
  9. What's this mean?
  10. Yoga is from Satan
  11. Pallbearers
  12. Funerals for people who do not believe in God
  13. Why people are not Christians
  14. discussion: fundamentalism and child abuse
  15. Humans and Dinos!!!
  16. Experiencing Other Faiths to Find One's Own
  17. Serpent in Genesis
  18. Spinoff--Satan in Judaism
  19. Can Jews and Evangelicals Get Along?
  20. Finding God at work
  21. Roy Moore: No Muslims in Congress
  22. Non-Christian (agnostic) and Christian
  23. How did you choose...
  24. Weird letter to the editor
  25. A Rural Church Loses Its Old Moniker to Atlanta’s Growing Suburbs
  26. hey John!
  27. "Dr. Dino" goes to jail
  28. Does God have anything to do with morality?
  29. Nigeria set to vote on draconian anti-gay laws
  30. Modern pagans honor Zeus in Athens
  31. Gettin' down with Evangelicals
  32. Intelligent Design to feature in British schools
  33. Tom Cruise/Christ?!?
  34. Holy Sh#t! Is this for real??
  35. Not sure what the title should be.
  36. Burmese dictatorship plans to "destroy the Christian religion"
  37. Just say "hail no" to reluctant Muslim cabbies
  38. Modern Prophets
  39. 'God' references are removed from movie
  40. Violent Bible stories
  41. New antievolution bill in Mississippi
  42. Biblical stories, in the classroom
  43. Why liberals hate Christians
  44. Jewish diet questions
  45. Church hosts 'porn and pancakes' event
  46. China's state TV bans pig images to avoid offending Muslims
  47. Morality - absolute or relative?
  48. Friends of God
  49. Pat Boone is a moron
  50. Harry Potter Mom speaks out (reg. required)
  51. Is your church participating in "Evolution Sunday?"
  52. Muslims urged to shun 'unholy' vaccines
  53. Jews Having Large Families
  54. Ashoura Ritual????
  55. War on Christmas almost over in Georgia!!!!
  56. Practice What You Preach
  57. Town says no to killing women
  58. British Columbia seized three sextuplets for blood transfusions
  59. Separate bathrooms for Muslims?
  60. Big Butter Jesus
  61. Why God wants you to be rich
  62. When does parental religious rights trump the life of another
  63. NFL won't let church show game
  64. Patsy’s Miracle
  65. Macon, Georgia, mayor converts to Islam
  66. Rot in jail, you Massachusetts atheists!
  67. LDS question...
  68. spinoff: how well does this work?
  69. Pat Boone is a moron, part 2
  70. Solution elusive as churches weary of gay clergy debate
  71. Opinion: The Bible vs. science
  72. Interesting....
  73. It worked! It worked! It really really worked!
  74. Moral dilemma.
  75. Ancient boy's skeleton sparks evolution debate
  76. Should Catholic priests still be required to take a vow of celibacy?
  77. CNN bashes atheists
  78. Act of God
  79. Science Curriculum
  80. Who here believes in God
  81. Spin Off Believing in God and Freinds
  82. Do you believe in an afterlife? Spin off believing in god
  83. Happy Evolution Sunday!
  84. Believing Scripture but Playing by Science’s Rules
  85. Cardinal Schoenborn a Closet ID-ist?
  86. Why the King James Bible is the Word of God
  87. Thinking about Lent?
  88. Conservatives lose latest Darwin battle in Kansas
  89. More from the War on Christians...
  90. Would it be a sin
  91. I know we already covered Polygamy
  92. carl sagan was a kabbalist and hollywood support evolution!
  93. Salvation for the Devil?
  94. America as a Christian nation
  95. Was She Faking?
  96. ignorance and a man's career
  97. Anglican leaders rule on gay bishops
  98. Pastor with 666 tattoo claims to be divine
  99. Baptism
  100. What George Washington Really Believed
  101. SPINOFF: Religious institutions with views on pharmaceuticals
  102. Ashes forbidden on wrestlers when tourney opens Wednesday
  103. Prayer Oil Left on School Desks
  104. Museum combines DNA, fossils to show human ancestry
  105. Nativity scene is too religious for New York City schools
  106. "We Love Jesus!"
  107. James Cameron has found Jesus Christ, Literally
  108. Quit Whining, Start Praying
  109. Spinoff: Jesus' Body
  110. On my pizza I like mushrooms, onions and BVM
  111. Speaking for God
  112. We've done this before - UUs
  113. The Devil... appropriate reference for preschool age?
  114. Tovah's off to Israel
  115. Fast days go really slowly...
  116. "the absolute final assault on the sanctity of the Sabbath."
  117. Evangelicals' work in Africa criticized
  118. Walking the walk
  119. A voice from beyond - we deleted God
  120. Tennessee legislature to answer mysteries of creation
  121. G-d?
  122. From the new Conservapedia LOL
  123. 12 students suspended after school prayer conflict
  124. Girl Scout Sunday?
  125. Ga. moves closer on school Bible classes
  126. Robot salamander may give evolution clues
  127. Southern Baptist Leader Calls For Genetic Cleansing Of Original Sin
  128. If you had to give a speech on
  129. Jesus Camp **w/ Possible Spoliers!**
  130. Went to UU today
  131. House GOP protest Muslim seminar on Hill
  132. Beer = UnBiblical?
  133. Hannity gets Catholic smack down
  134. Secular Islam Summit's St. Petersburg Declaration
  135. Evangelicals slam torture in war on terrorism
  136. Rep. Stark applauded for atheist outlook
  137. Moderate Christians fight rapture with Sunday school
  138. Americans get an 'F' in religion
  139. How do you feel about people who wear their religion on their sleeve?
  140. "God's dupes"
  141. I find this bothersome
  142. random stuff
  143. Religious Discrimination in the UK
  144. Schools allowed to ban face veils
  145. Oregon teacher fired over Bible references
  146. Texas is the unlikely home of biggest gay church
  147. the atheist political agenda
  148. Hail Mary
  149. Peanut butter disproves evolution!
  150. Jewish seminary to allow gay applicants
  151. Prayer vs. Blood Donation
  152. My personal leap of faith
  153. No sex please, we're daddy's little girls
  154. "Letter to a Popular Atheist"
  155. The problem with intelligent design
  156. Muslim woman sues judge over veil
  157. Former American Family Association columnist blasts homophobia
  158. Easter Celebrations at School
  159. Pastafarian Discrimination
  160. Ouija boards & Tarot Cards &
  161. Sweet Jesus
  162. War on Everything
  163. I'm going to a new Church tomorrow
  164. Religion and politics: God's Numbers...
  165. The God Debate
  166. Atheists versus atheists
  167. Where is that quiz that tells you what religion you "fit?"
  168. Everything happens for a reason.
  169. Spinoff from Atheist vs Atheist: Fundamentalism
  170. School violated fourth-grader's rights by forbidding her to pass out Jesus fliers
  171. Muslim men who were removed from airplane after passenger complaints sue passengers
  172. Jesus doesn't drink Coke...
  173. Couple Denied Communion
  174. Pilgrimage to Chimayo
  175. it is resurrection morning
  176. Is there a Christian onboard...
  177. Another slap at Christianity
  178. how do you identify?
  179. "Prophets of the new atheism"
  180. "Other" religions
  181. What is tolerance?
  182. The Ten Commandments
  183. Is being born into a religious faith being "brainwashed"?
  184. "A Nation of Biblical Illiterates"
  185. Missouri House approves pointless prayer amendment
  186. Pope says science too narrow to explain creation
  187. The Seven Virtues
  188. pagans!
  189. How our son was expelled from Sunday School
  190. Do you believe Religion
  191. Are you living the life
  192. Do you feel religions rely too much on guilt to maintain loyalty?
  193. My father saved my virginity and all I got was this lousy t-shirt
  194. That bible is sacreligious!
  195. The Riddle of Epicurus
  196. Why does God get all of the credit but none of the blame?
  197. heard this on the radio today...
  198. Dinesh D'Souza, Virginia Tech, and atheism
  199. What were Muslims before they were Muslims?
  200. Haggard Leaves Colorado
  201. Jesus not welcome at Virgina Tech
  202. We Need to Do the World a Favor
  203. D'Souza, take two
  204. Assumed Christian
  205. My Conversation with a JW
  206. What would your response be?
  207. Gay marriage evil, abortion terrorism: Vatican
  208. Thoughts on this quote?
  209. Richard Dawkins on O'Reilly
  210. Use of Wiccan Symbol on Veterans’ Headstones Is Approved
  211. A brief history of disbelief
  212. Ministering in the Workplace
  213. Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron to prove God's existence on ABC
  214. Creationism does not promote critical thinking, says Stanford President
  215. Turkey's Christians face backlash
  216. Muslims believe U.S. goal to weaken Islam: poll
  217. New Noah's Ark ready to sail.
  218. Scientologists Invade VT Campus
  219. God protects the saved
  220. cremation vs. burial
  221. Christians must speak up
  222. Evolution, creationism, and the nature of truth
  223. Headlining religion....
  224. If Homosexuality Is Wrong......
  225. What do you think of the Book of Mormon True or untrue
  226. Dear WBTD - Kilroy
  227. Do You Really Want to Save... Me?
  228. Starbucks hates God
  229. Do you have a theme song for where you are at in your faith right now?
  230. Mitt Romney on evolution
  231. How often for CCD?
  232. What an excellent day for an exorcism.
  233. Intelligent design proponent denied tenure
  234. You might be a true christian if....
  235. Catholics how do you feel about reconciliation?
  236. Delicate Lady Crotchless Pantaloons
  237. God Is Not Great
  238. Born Again
  239. Falwell found unconscious, in 'gravely serious' condition
  240. How to outlaw Christianity (Step 1)
  241. This might be a stupid question
  242. Ray Comfort's $10,000 challenge!
  243. Does (the christian) God have a split personality?
  244. For Suzanne's John
  245. Religious Message or Anti-Gay Message?
  246. Don't teach about Holocaust or Crusades...
  247. WWYD if it had been your kid?
  248. Did you know
  249. My Treasure is in Heaven
  250. I hear they sell peanut butter and bananas in the gift shop