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  1. First
  2. What I want to know
  3. "Moral Kombat"
  4. Employees find noose hanging at work
  5. Louisiana mayor's death stirs furor
  6. Two NYC men save falling toddler
  7. "Subway Superman"
  8. Cancer Cured ??
  9. Why NOT to Have Your Mom Attend Your Trial
  10. Toys 'R' Us baby contest sparks fuss
  11. Court weighs parental rights of sperm donors
  12. Diet drug for dogs approved....
  13. If a house was on fire...
  14. If you could change parts of your past...
  15. What the heck is...
  16. Would you be brave enough to do this?
  17. Were you bullied?
  18. Do you give unsolicited advice?
  19. Teen dies trying to save cats from fire
  20. Man pays library $171, 47-year late fee
  21. What's the most you've ever spent on an article of clothing?
  22. tigger attack?
  23. Are you close friends with people who are very different from you?
  24. Spinoff: How much do you spend on clothes per year?
  25. I think it's for sale...
  26. If I worked, I'd wanna work for google
  27. Elderly drivers
  28. Austin TX Shut Down
  29. "Too friendly" customer service
  30. Stem cells discovered in amniotic fluid
  31. Woman settles case over flour-filled condoms
  32. Bank issues credit card to cat
  33. Flag etiquette question
  34. Pa. man gets letter postmarked 1954
  35. Glorifying the Anti-Hero
  36. Black or African-American?
  37. Australian zoo puts humans on display
  38. Woops...Instead of my final, have kiddie porn
  39. Debate topics/conversation starters
  40. Does over moderated debate result in more friction?
  41. What gives your life meaning
  42. Key to Planet Formation Found in Space Lint
  43. Not much of an apology
  44. Cheating in school
  45. Dead fraternity pledge's body contained anti-gay comments, obscene drawings
  46. Man living with more than 1,000 rats faces more charges
  47. Banning the color brown
  48. Get me out of Arkansas... there are some sick puppies here (disturbing content)
  49. Black and brown together as a fashion choice?
  50. Wis. police say mailman was drunk when he drove into oncoming traffic
  51. Woman puts baby in warming oven
  52. House to pass stem cell research bill
  53. Report: Bonds failed amphetamine test
  54. Cameras at Funerals
  55. Condoms and Al Gore
  56. Would you want to be a big fish in a small pond?
  57. fulfillment or money?
  58. Procrasti -- wait a minute. I need time to think on this one.
  59. Sergeant in trouble for Playboy spread
  60. Surgeon uses dog in sales demonstration
  61. eBay
  62. kids' chain letters
  63. Bambi- it's what's for dinner. Oh, wait. That's yucky.
  64. Assisted suicide
  65. are you living to your belief system?
  66. Does anyone else feel like this is just like MWT used to be?
  67. Age of consent?
  68. How do you pronounce avator?
  69. Does it matter who you are debating?
  70. Hook.... line... and sinker
  71. FDA investigates Texas embryo business
  72. Necropsy performed on dead whale shark
  73. Written thank you notes are 'so last century'
  74. Lying and Message boards
  75. Unethical, Discrimination, Mutilation? You decide
  76. Water intoxication kills contest participant.
  77. Expensive Presents
  78. Bilingualism delays onset of dementia
  79. Government says Boy Scouts set Utah wildfire
  80. Fur flies as Penney restocks dog-fur coats
  81. Womb Transplants--yea or nay?
  82. A New Twist on the Tinfoil Hat Crwod...
  83. I know this shows me to be the total bitch I am, but...
  84. Grocery Store WWYD
  85. Parenting Message Boards.. are they all the same ?
  86. hmmm...
  87. very progressive thinking
  88. Do you put yourself as a priority?
  89. Do you believe that you are
  90. Having an issue with The Limited
  91. Panhandlers/Homeless People
  92. Drinking While Dining Out
  93. Cable Splicing
  94. Adultery could mean life, court finds
  95. Generation Ex
  96. Not having either cable or satellite is this strange?
  97. Male panda said too fat to have sex
  98. Skull suggests human-Neanderthal link
  99. Using neighbor's wireless link: Probation
  100. If...
  101. Opinion: Please, I want some more Dickens
  102. Sex Change
  103. Should I move? (AGAIN, arg)
  104. Spinoff: How many TVs do you have in your house?
  105. Unconditional love
  106. kinda spinnoff-homeless thread-officer ridiculed for saving homeless womans cart
  107. poker-a game of skill or chance?
  108. So You Are At The Bar....
  109. Freecycle - "Need infant carseat...
  110. Hawking: Climate change worse than terror
  111. Animal party bans mouse poison in parliament
  112. Sexual Assault & Our Band Director
  113. Would you feel obligated to continue?
  114. How important are spelling and grammar?
  115. Tom Brady and Gisele..
  116. You said "Faggot." You're FIRED!
  117. Sprockey and Traycon
  118. Blinking ads and legal recourse
  119. 9-year-old boy steals car, flies to Texas to see Grandfather
  120. dead soldiers sperm used to impregnate woman whom he never knew
  121. Required HPV Vax for teenage girls?
  122. Unethical and illegal - WWYD?
  123. Consumer Reports Retracts Infant Car Seat Study..
  124. Holed-up tax protester, wife convicted
  125. So, what is going on today?
  126. Would you all go to a funeral for someone from the board?
  127. pregnant teens go on a rampage
  128. Which is worse?
  129. Diminishing returns on modern conveniences
  130. Said on The View
  131. The housewife debate
  132. You get pulled over for speeding...
  133. Phrases that make you "twitch"
  134. US Residents "Go West"
  135. Are you a matchmaker?
  136. So glad to have met you! (until you turn around)
  137. Court: No horse slaughtering in Texas
  138. Conn. woman, 114, oldest on record
  139. I can't imagine any guy I know wearing these.
  140. Scenario, would you do anything?
  141. Minors and Abortion...
  142. Jaywalking historian causes stir
  143. Another fireworks thread
  144. The Pussycat Dolls
  145. "But the Internets said so!"
  146. But I thought they were perfect.....
  147. Web of cyber lies leads to murder, police say
  148. Scientists fear they've oversold global warming
  149. TCS: Taking Contraception Seriously
  150. Stupid Tattoos?
  151. quirks with spelling
  152. Dakota Fanning 'Rape' Film Heads to Sundance
  153. Don't tell LI Mama
  154. Right or Wrong: Tantruming 3yo Thrown Off Plane.
  155. SFAS-Ramming your door into a parked car
  156. If you're 100% sure you DIDN'T do something...
  157. Rage
  158. Only jail the worst, British judges told.
  159. IQ Tests for Surgery? Your Suggestions?
  160. Why Don't More Men Post?
  161. Water Fasting
  162. You know he's gay, don't you?
  163. SFAS: Your Friend, the Felon
  164. When is a Debator's Profession Relevant?
  165. Misuse of Public Services
  166. Does this look like a 12 year old to you??
  167. Forced hospital confinement
  168. "Fry Up That Chicken, Aunt Jemima!!!!!!!!!!"
  169. Don't Be Saying The "N" Word In THIS Texas Town
  170. S/O People That Post on Message Boards
  171. Funny or insulting?
  172. Toking In NH Soon?
  173. WAR OF WORDS: What is a thug?
  174. Brain harvest probe ends without charges
  175. `Grey's' doctor is in treatment for use of anti-gay slur
  176. Should dogs be allowed at the bar?
  177. Dogs get OK to eat on restaurant patios
  178. Iguana's stubborn erection to get the chop
  179. Why are people @ssholes?
  180. Want to get really mad?
  181. Judge rules 'Choose Life' license plates are protected under the First Amendment
  182. Trial set to start for PETA workers caught euthanizing, dumping cats and dogs
  183. The Battle of the Sexes
  184. Spinoff: Circumstantial Evidence
  185. Komodo dragon becomes mother and father
  186. What do you think about
  187. Does money make you meaner?
  188. Lack of opposing views?
  189. Spinoff - worth the money?
  190. Hollywood blames Canada for film piracy
  191. Amnesia victim wandered for 25 days
  192. Fla. teen gets $35K in topless lawsuit
  193. Furkids versus kids
  194. Rethinking Blood Donations
  195. Is this taking "sports fan" a bit too far?
  196. Spinoff: No Pets
  197. Support Board WWYD
  198. Your boss calls you
  199. Locked in Rates for Utility Companies
  200. Is this pure paranoia, or a good point?
  201. Using deodorant
  202. Denying Pain Relief to a Child
  203. World's oldest new mom
  204. Hugs and crap
  205. A what if...
  206. Gardasil--empowering or mysogynism?
  207. Who are you?
  208. Why bother?
  209. Spinoff...World's oldest new mom
  210. Pet Peeves...still the same?
  211. Horse racing
  212. What is Best in Life?
  213. Do you believe that some things are a done deal at an early age?
  214. Poverty in the US
  215. Giving Diplomas After 10th Grade
  216. Child support and subsequent children
  217. Spinoff: Overpopulation?
  218. Would you give away your pets for a relationship?
  219. Smoking Bans
  220. Do You Have Enemies?
  221. Spinoff: Stepfamilies
  222. Spin off Alimony
  223. Choosing Extinction
  224. Fake Weddings
  225. Do You Believe in Ghosts?
  226. Do you use the IGNORE function?
  227. Living together without being married
  228. California wants to ban old style light bulbs
  229. Revenge
  230. Grandparents visitation rights
  231. Spin Off Adopting Steps
  232. How is that my problem?
  233. What makes a good wife?
  234. Mixing Animal and Human DNA
  235. Oscal Commercial Potentially Dangerous!
  236. Whatcha all think of this?
  237. Would This Make You Angry or Upset?
  238. Woman jailed after reporting rape
  239. Woman claims she found blade in McMuffin
  240. Humans 'very likely' making earth warmer
  241. Is the US Workplace Family-Friendly?
  242. Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter
  243. Don't you hate it
  244. A Goddess Question
  245. This is horrible-Babies in Russia
  246. Why is he black and you're white?
  247. Michigan court: No same-sex benefits
  248. I'm really annoyed
  249. Scientists offered cash to dispute climate study
  250. Let's Talk About Support Forums